Friday, July 22, 2011

This is getting out of hand

I can see them, across the street. They won't go the fuck away! I thought I was halucinating, that they weren't real, but I took a picture. They really are standing there! What am I going to do? Why am I freaking out? They're just kids, I can just go out there and talk to them. But how are they real? I saw them at work today, at the park, and even at the coffee shop. How are they doing this? This isn't real. Is it? Am I halucinating with the picture too? How? How?

I went outside to talk them and they were fucking gone! HOW? And of course, as soon as I got back to my apartment, they were back outside, just staring at the window. Why is this happening to me? Kristy, please help me. ANYONE, help me. What should I do?


  1. what makes you think vicki is still listening?

  2. THis can all be explained by what I told you. The sooner you believe me, the bigger head start well get. TImes wasting, Harry.