Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sent Home Early

Boss told me to go home early today, as I was interfering with everyone else’s work. I cleaned the entire station twice yesterday and again today, I was constantly rearranging everything and correcting every grammatical error whenever someone spoke. I don’t have much to do now that I’m home except talk about the case we’re dealing with right now (normally I’m not supposed to talk about anything work related, but not much else to do now.)

We got a call from a small pharmacy where a murder had taken place. A man was at the check out, buying pain meds. During the transaction, another man charged into the store, stabbed the victim, and ran. Luckily, we were able to catch the attacker before he got too far. He kept yelling that we were making a mistake.

We tried questioning him, but he refused to say anything. We tried running a background check on him, but nothing came up. All that he had on him were the clothes on his back and a wallet. The wallet held $200 in cash and a stolen credit card from one “Ronald Nugard,” a millionaire who disappeared in early 2005. He was presumed dead, but the body was never found; but the strangest part is that there is still money going into his account. There have been many deposits and withdrawals from this account all over the world. Is this man also responsible for Ronald Nugard’s disappearance? How did we not see this before? I get the feeling this man is a part of something bigger, but we won’t know until our suspect starts talking.


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