Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I meant to update earlier, but I got so busy today, and now I can’t sleep.

I didn’t mention it before, but I’m a detective for the police department, and recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about old assignments. One assignment I’ve been thinking about in particular was one of my first and most harrowing.

We got a call about a domestic disturbance in one of the houses on the side of town most people would preferably avoid. When we got there, it was all over. We found a married woman, covered in bruises and bleeding, and was crying over her dead husband’s body. She had shot and accidentally killed him in self-defense, and it was clear that all her bruises and cuts were from him. She told us that she also had two daughters whom had run away earlier that day.
With pictures in hand, we started searching the streets for the two little girls. After two weeks of searching and no sign of either of the girls, we were expecting to find them dead. Surprisingly, however, I eventually found them. They were both covered in bruises and scars, though the scars seemed old, like they hadn’t been gotten in the past two weeks. The younger sister (Ellie) was only 5, and the older (Kristen) was 7.  Ellie didn’t talk much, but Kristen felt comfortable talking to me. I’ll never forget the way they looked: hopeless, pale, gaunt, almost lifeless; and their voices: beaten, stale, monotone. I remember our conversation clearly:

Me: Kristen? Ellie?

(Kristen and Ellie look at me, but don’t respond verbally.)

Me: I’m detective Kemble. I’m here to bring you back to your mom. Okay?

(Neither of them responds.)

Me: Can either of you walk?

(Again, they don’t respond.)

Me: Hey, you’re safe now.

(Kristen and Ellie just glare at me, as if they don’t believe anything I’m saying.)

Me: *Sigh* Well, I didn’t want to tell you this, but… your father is dead.

(At this point, Kristen’s face lights up, while Ellie almost seems to get even sadder.)

Kristen: Really?

Me: Yes, he is. He was killed by your mom in self-defense.

(At this point, Kristen smiles, and even lets out a sadistic laugh.)

Me: You’re not sad at all that he’s dead?

Kristen: (Expletive) no! That (Expletive) got what he deserved.

This case was so important to me because I experienced first hand how terrible and unrelenting the world can be. It took two innocent little girls’ childhoods away, and has taken the lives of so many others. We questioned them later about their time on the street, and it was all too disturbing to put on here. Nothing has shaken me up as bad as this case, but I was reassured about my career choice. I resolved that I couldn’t let this happen ever again.

I’d go on, but I’m getting tired. I’ll just post this and talk more tomorrow. I just hope that going to bed this late isn’t going to disrupt my sleep patterns. Goodnight, everyone.


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