Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fed Up

I'm getting really sick of seeing the Voice. They were just standing outside my hotel room window, mockingly waving. They're gone now, and the door's jammed. All I can do is just sit and wait for the hotel staff to come break my door down. Though knowing them, it's probably just going to be for the night so they can keep tabs on me. They also left me a note that says "O vgxsr kxf oy O vtkt ngx. It rgtlf’z soat wtofu rolqhhgoztr." From what I've read, these "proxies," as they seem to be called, seem to send coded messages to runners. I would decode this myself, but I don't think I could focus hard enough with all that's been going on to try and figure it out.

I swear, once there's no fucking glass between us, I'll fucking kill them all. I don't fucking care that they're just kids, they still serve Him and I would be saving a lot of people if I just off them. There's plenty of ways to hide bodies...

Nonononono i cant do this theyre jsut kids its nott heir fault cant do it wont di it

Somebody help me